Peter Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston College. A convert to the Catholic Church from Calvinism.

He has been a major literary force in the world of English-language Catholic apologetics for several decades. The author of over 70 books, including classics such as the best-selling Handbook of Christian Apologetics and its latest edition, Handbook of Catholic Apologetics, Fundamentals of the Faith (co-authored with Fr. Ronald K. Tacelli, S.J.), Yes or No: Answers to Tough Questions About Christianity, and How to Win the Culture War. Dr. Kreeft has influenced countless Christians and non-Christians globally with his luminous, lucid, and compelling, reasons to believe in God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

For many years, Peter has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in philosophy, logic, apologetics and a wide variety of other subjects on discrete themes including:

Logic, Epistemology, Cosmology, Metaphysics, Ethics, Nursing Ethics, Philosophy of the Person, Philosophy in Literature, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Human Sexuality, The Future of Man, The Creative Person, Death and Dying, Life After Death, Science Fiction, Philosophy of Love, Oriental Philosophy, Now and Zen, Greek Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, Pascal, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Marcel, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Augustine’s Confessions , Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae, Plato’s Republic , Lost in the Cosmos, Christian Existentialism, Thinking About Religion, The Meaning of Life, Philosophy of Happiness, Philosophy of Love, Peacemaking, Abortion as a Philosophical Problem, Philosophy in Fantasy, Socrates and Jesus, The Three Greatest Men in the World, World Religions, Catholicism: A Philosophical Inquiry; Angels, Devils, Ghosts and Miracles; Three Philosophies of Life; Philosophy in the Bible; Philosophy of Education, Introduction to Philosophy,Philosophy in Cinema, and Perspectives in Western Culture.


Dr. Kreeft’s broad academic experience includes teaching on the faculties of the following institutions: (Full-time) Villanova University (1962-65), Boston College (1965-present); Part-time: Fordham University, St. Peter’s College, Haverford College, Rosemont College, La Salle College, St. Joseph’s College, St. Charles Seminary, Emmanuel College, Regis College, Newton College of the Sacred Heart, Boston State College, Berklee College of Music, Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Boston Center for Adult Education, Jesuit Center for Adult Education, Gordon College, St. John’s Seminary, and Our Lady of Grace Seminary.

He earned a A.B. from Calvin College (1959), an M.A. in philosophy (1961) and a Ph.D. in philosophy (1965) from Fordham University. He has also done post-graduate studies in philosophy at Yale University. He and his wife reside in the Archdiocese of Boston. His personal website is